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The Gynaecologist is fully aware of the names he is called behind his back. But as he says in his own defence, he is not a pervert, but an expert - a sex expert. The young girls that come to his surgery, should be glad to have such a caring doctor; he doesn't just give them a quick check up, but a thorough examination of all her parts, tits, pussy and anus.

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Martina has never had a checkup done by a male doctor before. Of course she`s nervous a bit! But such a pretty girl should not worry. Look how pretty she is, this skinny body, this tanned skin, and these beautiful boobies. The doctor obviously likes them a lot as well. He knows which buttons to press, and soon, he`s sliding his hard cock into Martina`s tight teen pussy. She ate the entire load!

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At some stage during the check up ...

... he will introduce her to a variety of sex acts, preferablyblowjobs or anal sex. He tries to justify what he has done, after some pretty teenage girl comes to see him and leaves no longer a virgin.

She has lost her virginity to a caring man - an expert in his field, not some snotty nosed kid. So the poor young girl turns up for her appointment. She is nervous and doesn't know what to expect. She protests when he asks her to undress completely, she is embarrassed at having to show her all to this strange man. She screams with pain when he pushes a speculum up her anus. Also when during the examination, without warning he stuffs her mouth with his rampant cock ├▒and his salty tasting cum spatters the back of her throat making her gag on it, she is shocked. She is left confused - what is normal behaviour?

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Violette Pink, what a name for a girl. What a body for a girl, too! Of course she`s shy about her very first physical. But there`s no need to worry. This guy is going to make her feel OK. Watch as he presses the right buttons touching her beautiful tight breasts and ends up with his tongue deep in her snatch. Right in that chair! It all turns into a total fuckfest soon till her whole face is glazed.

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Lida is so shy, it must be her first checkup. Well, let`s make sure it counts! The doctor squeezes her tiny boobies and gives that teen pussy a close look. He can`t take it any longer. The guy pretty much stuffs Lida`s face with his meat, eating her out in return. Lida loves that thick thing and moans louder. He porks that cutie from a few angles and gives her a load to eat.

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What the hell is going on here? Is Victoria trying to hook up with the doctor? We mean, look at what this sly teen vixen is wearing. Her boobs are like bursting through that top dammit. At some point during the checkup, Victoria wants to do some checking of her own. She fishes that boner out and has it in her all the way. And how about a little speculum play in the end... ?

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El Storm is quite a special girl. You can see it right away when you meet her. But our doctor here wants to go deeper - literally. Watch as he carefully checks this mysterious babe`s pussy, pressing the right buttons to get her all worked up and bothered. Soon his cock is in that mouth with that pierced tongue, then, she gets boned hard, and then, it`s time to take the medicine!

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The doctor better get ready for Elena. Not just his tools, his dirty tricks as well! What do you mean you don't want to touch the doctor's incredibly hard cock? Of course you do. Elena is so worked up after this checkup she barely resists it. She gets on her knees, eats this entire sausage, and ends up riding it and cumming. In the end, the lucky doctor sprays all over that face and chest.

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Sexy Susan here seems to be in good health. One thing though, she seems to have a serious case of boob perkiness. The guy just cannot keep his hands off these tight things! His mouth off this delicious pussy, too. In a short while, you can see him ramming that schlong in there from behind, fingering her asshole hard, real hard. Susan goes out of control and is more than ready to swallow some cum.

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He swore he wouldn't fuck his patients anymore but this dirty gynecologist can't help himself. The sight of sexy young teens with perfect pussies who came for a gyno exam for their first time turns him on more than anything and he can't stop himself! Lucky for him he always takes a deal with these shy cuties who don't know how should the true gynecologist behave: And they open their legs and welcome him inside for all the pleasure he can handle. Nothing is better than fucking a teen tight pussy and that's why he breaks his vow every time he sees a new shy patient!

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Ever wondered what goes on behind gynecologists' closed doors in Russia? Now you can find out, come in and have a look yourself. Some of the most beautiful Russian girls allow you a deeeep inspection of their visits at the dreaded gynecologist! Our videos are in original language with subtitles, and are complemented with extensive high quality photo sets. Get your password now, lean back and enjoy! But attention, if you are expecting the girls to be treated with caution, care and sympathy, Russian-Gynecology.com might be the wrong place for you! :)

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